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Continuous Testing

global threat research

  • 24x7x365
  • 3 Regional locations
  • Zero-Day Testing

focused testing

  • Detection and Performance Measurements
  • Time to Detect Tracking
  • Attack Lifecycle Testing

relevant data

  • Results – Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Quarterly
  • Multiple metrics
  • Product specific
  • Comparative data




The CheckmarkCertified program validates the functionality and performance of security technologies in a range of threat scenarios and actual use cases. The standard certification is geared toward consumer-based products through malware detection tests combined with system performance measurements.

Remediation Testing evaluates products in the following areas:
1. Detection and mitigation of currently running processes;
2. Detection and removal of dropped executables;
3. Detection and/or removal of secondary files, such as DLLs;
4. Detection and/or removal of registry entries.

Remediation Certification


Enterprise Level

Enterprise products are tested in the Checkmark, Real Time and Dynamic programs. Real Time Testing – measures relevant characteristics within a network environment. The continuous testing is carried out 24x7x365. The results include detection and performance data relevant to: detection rates, time to detect, heuristic analysis, Zero-day effectiveness, false positives, and desktop performance measurements. Dynamic Testing – evaluates product performance in relation to malware executing as corporate admins and end users experience them in the real world. In conjunction with the detection tests completed above; desktop and network performance, total cost of ownership, and return on investment measurements are a part of the overall evaluation.

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