Checkmark Certified | Enterprise Certification
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Enterprise Certification

Enterprise Certification is designed to measure the overall cost-effectiveness of a security solution. Going beyond security features, this program looks at the effect on business processes which it is designed to protect. This evaluation is done in addition to the baseline and RealTime detection rates, as well as the performance characteristics that are part of the Consumer and SME tests. The main component of Enterprise Certification is the Dynamic testing combined with a subjective reporting of distribution, install, configuration, and management characteristics.

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Real Time Testing provides continuous measurement of key characteristics within a network environment. The continuous testing is carried out 24x7x365. The results include detection and performance data relevant to: detection rates, time to detect, heuristic analysis, Zero-day effectiveness, false positives, and desktop performance measurements.

Dynamic Testing Attempts to measure product effectiveness against some of the sophisticated attacks that corporations experience in the real world. Specifically, we allow exploits to be launched at vulnerable systems, and see what happens. If the attacker manages to compromise the system, we then see if the defending product can detect and recover from this situation. These are comprehensive manual tests that we believe are critically important measuring the effectiveness of security solutions within an enterprise environment.