Checkmark Certified | IoT Certification
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IoT Certification

IoT Security is evaluated within the Checkmark Certified Platform Security Testing program. This initiative provides customers with a high level of assurance that their platform is engineered and configured for the proper security level. From embedded Point-of-Sale to IoT Devices to cloud computing to legacy systems, we test, analyze and provide customers with a high level of assurance in the functionality and integrity of their platforms.

With IoT being adopted into the mainstream enterprise IT and OT environments, all traditional security solutions, anti-malware, firewalls, IDSes, have claimed themselves as the adequate and right solution to protect your IoT devices, IoT networks, and IoT platforms. At Checkmark, we provide the most thorough IoT assessment from all attack vectors and threat modeling considerations.
Checkmark Certified Research incorporates
  • Dozens of vulnerabilities identified for the smart device, including many critical CVEs such as Huawei, Netgear, ZTE, CirControl EV Charger, etc., and many un-disclosed;
  • Thousands of IoT honeypots deployed worldwide, some customized to simulate devices per vendor request to lure attackers for deceptive research in depth;
  • Patent pending IoT sandboxing to research IoT apps, firmware, and honeynet trapped threat payloads dynamically
  • Over five years of collective threat artifacts from honeynets and sandboxing, in addition to threat intelligence sharing with the InfoSec community.
  • AI modeling supported intelligence pruning, clustering and correlation
How we assess the competency of an IoT security solution
  • An automated end to end testing framework to launch a simulated attack in blackbox environment to determine the detection accuracy of the IoT security product
  • Top researchers manual verification to ensure the absolutely correct parsing of the detection result
  • Multi-demension test framework including detection rate, false positive, and system performance
  • Always use the dynamic live sample set collected from the wild, with our researchers conducting addition sample set optimization