Checkmark Certified | Mobile Certification
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Mobile Certification

Mobile Security is evaluated within the Checkmark Certified Platform Security Testing program. This initiative provides customers with a high level of assurance that their platform is engineered and configured for the proper security level. From embedded Point-of-Sale to infrastructure services to cloud computing to legacy systems, we test, analyze and provide customers with a high level of assurance in the functionality and integrity of their platforms. In addition to the vulnerability testing of mobile applications, protection from malware is a core element of the certification.

Mobile Application Certification provides customers with a high level of assurance that their core mobility platforms and applications have been engineered and configured to their optimal security level. The test program requires that developers submit to continuous deployment and testing to validate the application’s resilience to emergent threats. An initial vulnerability assessment powered by NewSky Security AppRisk™ covers static code assessment, privilege abuse investigation, 3rd party SDK usage, app hardening and dynamic behavioral analysis. Once the initial assessment is completed and the high risk issues are resolved, the tested mobile application is placed into ongoing retest and monitoring to assess its resilience to the emerging attacks and environmental changes.

Mobile Certification testing is a thorough evaluation of the main content-based technology components in Mobile Security Technologies. The testing is carried out in a combination of real world and isolated test environments with the goal of validating the functionality and performance of the solution under test against a range of mobile security threats in the following areas: Anti-malware, Anti-loss/theft, Data Control, Communication Control